I am a qualified translator, specialised in legal translations. I meet your translation needs into French (my mother tongue) from English, Swedish and Spanish.

  • Legal translation

  • Certified translation

  • Corporate communications translation

  • SEO translation

  • Subtitling for corporate videos

  • Transcreation, localisation

I also offer proofreading, editing, content creation, and project management services.

As a native French speaker, I help you successfully communicate, carry out your administrative tasks/negotiations in France, and promote your products and services to your targeted audience.

I make it my job to fully understand your needs and offer you the most fitting service, whilst taking your budget and deadlines into account.

My editorial skills and expertise are at your service.

A range of language services to meet your specific needs:

Legal translation

You need a strictly accurate translation of your legal/administrative documents by a common law and Scandinavian law specialist.

Legal translation

Certified translation

You need – either as a business or as an individual – a certified translation (often referred to as “sworn” translations) to carry out your administrative tasks in France.

Certified translation

Corporate communications translation /
Subtitling for corporate videos

You need to translate your corporate communications, or marketing materials, in line with a precise brief to meet your objectives.

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SEO translation

You need to reach out to a French-speaking target audience with SEO-optimised online content which includes appropriate and relevant key words.

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Transcreation, localisation

You need an idiomatic and impactful translation that is customised and culturally adapted to your target audience.

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Proofreading / Editing

You need to run a quality check on your already translated or French content before it is published.

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